Just Take Me Away

My daily remainder 

of all the unique memories I have been building travelling the world 

and of the amazing people I have been meeting 

along the way. 

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I hope mine will be a boost for the future dreamers and travelers to take off!Hey there! I am Giusy, an italian native but a world citizen. I am a dreamer with the head in  the clouds  so this blog is m

I grew up looking at the postcards sent home from our friends and relatives on vacations. Those pictures got the mind of that little girl wandering through places so far away. I remember I was used to say “One day, I will take off and see these places by my own eyes”. Moment when my mum was used to point out “Really? With what money?” Bam – back to the reality!

That idea of travelling, though, was hidden in a little corner of my mind, waiting for the right moment to pop up.  

I remember being at my high-school finals and the examiner asking me “Miss, what would you like to study at college?” 

I had basically spent my entire life at school and I’d never really had time to think about my personal interests or passions. 

I was like – damn I gotta find an answer quick – so I just said to him – “I’ll take Foreign Languages at college.” 

Yeah Giusy, that actually makes sense – I told myself after the plan for my future was finally set. 

Apparently my mind was more awere of myself than I was.   

 It was there it all began.

First thing first, I needed money. I started working. I did any kind of job while I was attending university. I paid on my own my semester abroad in UK. I visited places I didn’t even know exsist. I met people with my same passions. 

I was not the only one willing to discover the world. 

I got more and more confident and I understood I would not have been able to stop myself from catching the next flight. So, I went back to Italy, I completed my studies and a few months after my Bachelor’s I left. I had just one big dream – going to the States. 

Two years have already passed since I first begun my journey in USA. , It took some doing, but I made it happen.
And remember – It is not insane going after a dream. The real fools are those who do not even try.

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