The Best of Oahu East Shore



I had never been to a Buddhist temple before then and it was a really particular experience for me.  I was totally amazed by the beauty of this place but what really impressed me was the sense of calm and peace that held me as I walked in through that bridge to the temple. This place can’t miss on your Oahu bucket list!


Just miles of endless turquoise and calm water brushing up against a fine sand beach while gentle winds offer a cool relief from the hot Hawaiian sun. The word “Lani Kai” means “Heavenly Ocean”.  It’s such a fitting name for a place like this!

Ph: Elena Locatelli


Even if the almost vertical climb through the thick brushes got me a little intimidated at the beginning, the sunset from up there was quite rewarding!

view of the Mokulua Islands from the second pillbox on the Lanikai Hike Trail


It was just a glimpse at the beginning. One step forward and I was breathless.  I must be dreaming – I thought. I remember I stood there like mesmerized for a while. And then, a shudder passed through me. Suddenly I took off my clothes and I run into the ocean. I remember looking down into the crystal-clear water and seeing cute little fishes swimming in between my feet. Turning around I took a look at the white-sand beach and at the green mantle of trees covering the mountain and then I remember taking a deep breath and letting myself fall back into the water. It was true, I really was in Hawaii.


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