The Best of Oahu West Shore


Taking distances from what is considered strictly touristic and get to know the naked heart of a place is something that I’ve never missed to do on a trip. So I got into the car and I hit the West Shore of Oahu. This part of the island didn’t exactly match with the exotic and beautiful pictures of the Hawaiian Islands I had in mind until then. It was the other side of the coin that nobody talks about. The leeward of Oahu is local, untamed and poor. The currents here are pretty strong and the waves pretty wild. Almost all the coastline had the same feature but two beaches: Waianae Beach and  Nanakuli Beach – in my opinion, the best of the West Shore.


The West Shore of Oahu is the least touristic part of the Island but it shouldn’t stop you from paying a visit, at least to this beach. Waianae Beach is the perfect spot for those who are seeking to relax on a beautiful Hawaiian beach, away from the crowd of the East and North Shore. Also, the total absence of waves makes this place a favorite destination for paddle board lovers. Don’t you have a board with you? Check out  West Oahu Sup for rentals and get ready to have a great time!

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Since the first moment I booked my ticket to Honolulu, the Mermaid Cove was on the top of my list as a must-see place on Oahu. Unfortunately, I didn’t get to meet any mythical sea creature but I saw the inside of the cave and it was absolutely dreamy. In order to get there, you need to cross jagged lava rock then try to figure out which one is the right ‘hole’ and finally descend through it and then below into a breathtaking underwater cave. Just be careful, the water level in the cave changes with the tides so it can also fill suddenly with any large swell. When you’re ready to get out, you’ll need to be able to lift your own bodyweight to get out through the hole. Some people require help and pulled up by friends, just one more reason to seek adventures and do your exploring with friends. Strictly for the adventurous seeking to experience a hidden treasure in Hawaii!

Pictures from LookintoHawaii.com

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Our tour on the West coast of Oahu ends with Electric Beach. I didn’t get the chance to go there but, based on people opinion, this is a good place to get in touch with some incredible marine life. It gets the name from its closeness to the Hawaiian Electric Plant. The water running out into the ocean is several degrees warmer than usual and it attracts a variety of sea life – dolphins and sea turtles included. There are several boats organizing excursions on this side of the island but if you are seeking a less expansive option just put your head under water and if you hear the squealing noises of dolphins you can swim out further and hopefully swim with a pod of Spinner Dolphins.

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