About Me

Hey there! I am Giusy, a traveler born and raised in Italy. The purpose of this blog is to keep track of my movements. Lately, I experienced that memories start to blend together when people travel a lot. But maybe it is just me – my head is always in the clouds. By the way, I hope that the pictures and the few words I will spend on the places I visited so far can be a boost for the future dreamer and/or traveler.

Let me tell you a little about me!

I grew up looking at the postcards sent home from our friends and relatives. Those pictures got my mind wandering through amazing landscapes and places so far away that I was used to saying – One day, I will take off and see these places with my own eyes. And here my mother was used to point out “Really? With what money?” Back to the reality, then. My parents have never been interested in traveling. They are Sicilian people deeply bounded to their land. And then, you know, it was time for high school, for the first nights out with friends and for the first crushes.I was growing up. The idea of traveling was hidden in a small corner of my mind, tough, waiting for the right moment to show up. It is like when people leave their keys somewhere and forget about them. They keep looking for those everywhere until “BEAM” the light-bulb comes on! For me, it happened at my high-school final exams. The examiner asked me what I would have liked to start studying at the university. It was the worst and the best moment of panic in my life. I did not know how to answer. I knew I wanted to attend university. Well, but I have never had time to think about my passions and my interests. Grammar school in Italy is really demanding. There was a lot going on in my mind in that split of a second. Then, here a flash of inspiration came. I love traveling, discovering places, meeting new people and be able to talk to them in their own language. Languages. I will take “Foreign Language” at the University. It was there where it all began.

Where do I start? Oh yeah – I need money. I started working. I did any kind of job while I was attending university. Waitress in a pub, bartender in a bar, babysitter, after-school activities and private foreign language lessons. I paid on my own my semester abroad. I visited places I could not think to see. I met people with my same passions. I was not the only one willing to discover the world. I got more and more confident and I understood I would not have been able to stop myself. I went back to Italy, I completed my studies and a few months after my Bachelor’s I left. I had just one big dream – going to the States. Six months have already passed since I arrived in Wisconsin. I am an Au pair. I live and work for an amazing host family and I spend almost all my earnings in flight tickets. And a little part in clothes too – they are so cheap, how could I resist?

I am 24 years old and I am living everybody’s dream, the American dream. It took some doing, but I made it happen. And remember – It is not insane going after a dream. The real fools are those who do not even try.